Also in 2016 the most northward island of Germany „Sylt“ will be the home Top-Kitesurfing: held June 28 th. - July 3rd. 2016 the Kitesurf Cup Sylt will take place for it`s 14th. edition. 


We have to proof the team concept wich was not able being realized due to 0 wind conditions very uncommon for the stormy location. „Kitesurfing to the max“ is our aim: about 110.000 visitors deserve a simple, speedy and fair show of kiteboarding at it`s best. So again teams will compete in Slalom, Best Trick and Big Air. The 2016 edition will downsize a team to 2 rider (od + new school) so each one specialist of both styles can support his partner. 


Our aim is to present technically impressive and spectacular tricks the same time in an simple knock out system wich our visitors and media easily can follow. 


The price money of in total 10.000 Euro will be split into the top 3 teams: 5.000 Euro first rank, 2.500 Euro for second and 1.000 Euro for the third place. Also the best performing mixed or ladies team will be awarded with 1.000 Euro. A last 500 Euro will be distributed for a „Lucky Star award“ by decision of the judges. The Kitesurf Cup Sylt 2016 is open to any rider regardless its membership in federations, classes etc. Our aim is to ensure, that 25% of the teams go home with prize money! 


We want to invite manufacturer and rider to participate in this efficient and positive format by 

  • founding / sending a manufacturer team (registration fee incl. riders bbq, casino night 300€ / 600€ per Team without/ with branded pit lane tent on site the event) 
  • or partizipating and represent one of our sponsors and receive money (1.000€ for 100%; 500€ for „powered by“ branding) 


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